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The Zimbabwe Competition and Tariff Commission in conjunction with COMESA Competition Commission are jointly hosting the National Sensitization workshop on COMESA competition policy and law on 16 May 2017 at the Rainbow Hotel. The main objective of the National Sensitization Workshop is to raise awareness among the Zimbabwe key stakeholders and business community, with regards to the provisions and implementation of the COMESA competition law.

In December 2004, the COMESA Council of Ministers invoked Article 55(3) of the COMESA Treatyprovisions and formulated and adopted the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”) for the region. This was in realization that enforcement of competition and consumer protection policies in the Common Market can facilitate the achievement of regional economic integration. Furthermore, the Council established under Article 6 of the Regulations, the COMESA Competition Commission (“the Commission”), a statutory body charged with the enforcement of the regional competition regulations. The Commission commenced its operations on 14 January 2013 and introduced a “One Stop Shop” for cross border competition related transactions thereby easing the cost of doing business in the COMESA region, given that such transactions no longer need to be examined in two or more jurisdictions.

With the commencement of the enforcement of the Regulations, there are now two separate legal regimes governing the enforcement of competition law and policy in the COMESA Member States namely:-

  1. The National Competition Laws - these are the national legal orders comprising of the respective bodies of legal rules within each of the COMESA Member States, and
  2. The Regional Legal Framework - these comprise of the body of legal rules created at COMESA level such as the COMESA Competition Regulations and Rules.

The national legal order applies to the enforcement of anti-competitive practices emanating at national level and these are enforced by national competition authorities in their respective Member States. In contrast, the regional framework is invoked generally where there is cross border impact.

From the foregoing, it is evident that for the business community in Zimbabwe to benefit from the regional competition law system, there is need to raise their awareness to the existence of regional and national competition laws. This is because over 50 transactions involving cross border mergers notified with the Commission have involved the Zimbabwean market.  Such transactions include, amongst others, Prudential Africa Holdings Limited and Professional Life Assurance Limited in the insurance sector; Choppies Enterprises Kenya Limited and  Ukwala Supermarkets Limited; Ukwala Supermarkets (Kisumu) Limited and Ukwala Supermarkets (Nakuru) Limited in the retail sector; Atlas Mara Limited and Finance Bank of Zambia Limited in the banking and financial services sector; Chlor-Alkali Holdings Proprietary Limited and Khumo Bathong Strategic Investments No 2 Proprietary Limited etc.

In this regard, the Competition and Tariff Commission in collaboration with the COMESA Competition Commission hereby invites two representatives from all organization to a National Sensitization Workshop on the COMESA Competition Policy and Law scheduled for;

16th May, 2017 at the Rainbow Hotel, Harare.

Kindly confirm your participation with;


Ms.  Calistar Dzenga on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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On or by the 15th of April 2017.